Duran Consultingsm Provides Seminars, Programs,
Forums, And Presentations

Alexandra Duran has been creating and presenting programs that serve the individual career needs, and workforce and development needs, of businesses and academic institutions for 30 years  as economies, business conditions, and working environments have evolved and changed.  Ms. Duran has demonstrated her ability, time and again, to hit the right note for each client. From individuals to nationally and internationally known companies and institutions, Duran Consulting delivers the presentation each client needs to catalyze positive change. Ms. Duran has repeatedly appeared as a panelist or group presenter for membership organizations.

Some examples of past presentations, made as appropriate, with services provided to key individual workforce and faculty members, with Ms. Duran presenting individually, or as a participant or moderator of panel discussions, include:

Enterprise, Workforce & Faculty Development

Individual Career Development

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