It's about making the most of the rest of your life.

Duran Consultingsm provides coaching and counseling for executives and professionals who want to discover and preserve meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in and throughout their careers. The coaching process helps clients navigate to success in their work environment and find and develop opportunities that suit them, either in their present circumstances or through a process of safe, practical transition to new work, new work settings, or both.

Alexandra Duran has helped me better understand and adapt to a politically challenging corporate law department environment.  She combines the compassionate listening skills she honed as a psychiatric social worker with the practical sensibility and political savvy she developed from her human resources and legal work experience.  As a career coach, Alexandra devotes herself wholeheartedly to serving as a professional partner, understanding and analyzing the dynamics of my office and colleagues better than I can!  Most importantly, her impressive skills and positive, energetic personality have helped me develop the "critical distance" to more calmly and productively evaluate my work life and better cope with its stresses and challenges.  Her counsel has been invaluable in increasing my optimism, confidence and effectiveness.
Senior Corporate and Securities Attorney, Financial Services Law Department

Duran Consulting career development services help clients gain fresh insight and optimism and to advance and enrich their lives — by their own standards and on their own terms — whether the client’s goal is to grow in a present position or to transition to newly discovered opportunities.

Alexandra Duran is one of those rare individuals who is able to help folks look within themselves to see who they are and who they want to be.  She is the quintessential coach; she never lectures, berates or intrudes.  She simply cheers you on as you peel the onion, reveal your true aspirations, and start to reap the rewards for the rest of your life. 
Practicing Attorney and award-winning Author, Racing Expert and Spokesperson, Entrepreneur, and Educator

Sessions provide a specific, practical, and individualized approach to the client's career, tailored to each client's personality and circumstances.  The process is efficient and leaves clients energized, optimistic, and motivated to find and preserve personal fulfillment in their professional lives.

Benefits of Duran Consulting Individual Career Development Services 

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