About Alexandra Duran, MSW, CSW, JD

Alexandra Duran, the founder, principal and CEO of Duran Consulting, brings special insight -- as well as thirty years experience -- to the career and workplace issues encountered by professionals, executives, and academics. With her energy, practicality, compassion, and rich understanding of the workplace, Alexandra has helped many individuals and organizations maximize their potential and fulfill their missions.

Alexandra has coached and consulted with individuals, institutions, companies, and industry and professional groups on a variety of career development, workplace dynamics, and corporate culture issues. Her recent accomplishments include work with the faculty of preeminent business schools in the United States and beyond to promote teaching quality. This work resulted in significant improvement in student evaluations of the professors she coached and improved rankings for the programs that engaged her.

Alexandra’s career has evolved from success to success, as a psychotherapist, human resources executive, and attorney. Today, she helps individuals, businesses and institutions on their individual paths to achieving and maintaining lasting excellence and success on their own terms. Alexandra is in demand as a speaker and facilitator, on a variety of career and workplace topics, in academic and corporate meetings and retreats.